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Overview of Senioritis Project

Recently, I realized that in fighting seniors who're ready to move on and graduate, I'm actually warring a natural part of human existence. Seniors are SUPPOSED to want to graduate and venture out into the next phase of their lives. Nothing I can do or say will ever stop this desire, and I should not want to stop you all from moving on. I do, though, need to teach SOMETHING during your last year of school, so rather than focusing on petty writing assignments and trifling research projects, I thought we'd explore the condition of SENIORITIS in-depth. As far as I can figure, there are three stages before one travels through before a clean bill of senioritis-free health can be assured. They are:

Senioritis: Preparation
-College Essay
-College Application
-Scholarship Essay
-Job Application

Senioritis: Frustration
-Business Letter of Complaint
-Illuminated Poem
-Survey/ Interview of Peers about "Senioritis"
-Brainyflix Submission: SAT motivational poster related to Senioritis

Senioritis: Emancipation
-Creative Photostory: Senior Year
-Senior Year Sounds: A Group CD Compilation
-Letter to Your Future Self
-Commencement Speech
-Six Word Memoir

We will move through these three phases as the year progresses. We will be completing additional work as part of other units we'll be reading and acting, but these assignments will be the major pieces of writing you'll need to complete to graduate and rid yourself of senioritis forever. (Otherwise, you'll spend a whole summer or another year with a case of second-year-senioritis. Very serious.) Below, you can find the materials you'll need to complete the three phases of this project.

Artifacts Page: English 12

Materials: Preparation Phase
Scholarship Description/ Application:
Scholarship Essay Rubric for the Oh the Places You'll Go Contest:

College Application Descriptor:
College Essay Rubric:

Resume Notes:
Student Sample Resume:
Resume Exam:

Job Application Descriptor:

Materials: Frustration Phase

List of 1,000 SAT vocab words with definitions:
Brianyflix site: http://www.brainyflix.com/
Sample Brainyflix Submission: SAT motivational poster related to Senioritis:

Link to Make Your Own Motivational Poster

Illuminated Poem Example:

Senioritis Interview: A sample podcast:

Materials: Emancipation Phase

Creative Photostory Descriptor:
Letter to Your Future Self Descriptor:
Six Word Memoir Descriptor:
Six Word Memoir Sample Video:

Website with ideas/ suggestions for commencement speech topics: http://www.speech-topics-help.com/commencement-speech-topics.html

Group Compilation CD Descriptor:

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